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Arts: Chalk & Cheese

Sep 18, 2012   1 Notes.

229mm x 305mm; Color Pencils, Oil Pastel and Paper


As an Accounting student, my representations about my power are Accounting books, calculator, my San Beda uniform, and the medal of St. Benedict. I chose accounting books, because this signifies what I really want in the future. It is to be a Certified Public Accountant. This book is the source of all knowledge I have. I have to put the calculator because it is the instrument I need to use in order to pursue my dream. In my field, calculator is everyone’s bestfriend. San Beda uniform represents my power and being Bedista a God’s choice. This represents my identity and the people around me. The last item is the medal of St. Benedict. It only means “Prayer and Work”. In all things I do, I put God on its center. He is the only one who can guide and love me in every way.

Letras y Figuras

My work shows some of my personalities. I may not be the expressive people you know but I am the happy-go-lucky lady. In letter “R”, it shows a corporate girl with light color on its attire. This shows that I was like a corporate girl with loaded works but I can handle things in proper. I can smile and find ways too easy. I choose to put a bag that signifies as my childhood. You can see that I’ll be 18 next year but I am too childish but this is the only reason so I can escape in my problems. The main reason is that even if I grow older, I can carry all the advices that my mom told. These thoughts made me stronger person. I used rainbow because that signifies the place I grew up. I know every girl wants to be happy. I think I deserve to be one of them. In letter “E”, it represents my worksheet where I’ll put some accounting stuff. I decided to have books because even though I’m not a book lover, book is my only armor to win this game. In letter “G”, it represents the instrument I need. This pen signifies a lot of things about me. Pen is one of the most influential things in my course. Pens are useful for all of us. I used this in writing all the things I need to know. Being accounting student is not just for computing and analyzing the problems in books. It also understands all the persons and things around you.

The main points I have learned from our previous topic is all about the Spanish colonial period. We were colonized in the midst of 16th – 18th century and it was all about 333 years. Spanish gave us their 3 Gs (God, Gold and Glory). The cultural art form and its structure were influenced by the styles in western cultures. They influenced the architectural art. Like in one of the churches in Paete, Laguna, they used the Baroque style which was very detailed in design and made in gold and adobe. In medieval period, they used gothic style and the example of this is the San Sebastian Church. In painting, they used the miniaturismo and letras y figuras which shows your status in your community and how powerful you are. The art forms were influenced by the illustrados or the middle class people who studied in Europe but came back in the Philippines to share the information they got. Jose P. Rizal and Juan Luna are just some of the illustrados who have courage to study abroad. Damian Domingo, as the first art teacher establishes the first art school to improve the knowledge in art of some Filipinos.

The current issues I know about this topic is the decreasing of the arts that was made in the Spanish Colonial period because of the modern styles that was patronized nowadays. Many Filipinos didn’t know how important this in our society. This historical structure represents our past. Many churches are not being preserved. Because of its detailed design, many artists have the hard time to replicate it. This is one of the reasons why the Spanish-influenced art are can be seen mostly in the museums and galleries. They can be seen in provinces and most of them are being preserved by the government. Filipinos neglect to preserve these arts because they only depend on the modern-style form of arts.

As a student and Filipino, I want the traditional art to be preserved because as I said earlier, they are representing our past and who we are. This reflects how strong we are because we stand on our own after we colonized. I also want this to have in a modern place because with this, we can know that we are rich in past and culture that made us more unique to others. I also want to see these arts in the next generation. As what happened to us, we are opened to the traditional art and I saw many structures. But what if they will not be preserved? The next generation can only see these structures through internet and pictures. They can’t see their real society because without our past, we are not like this.


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